Pelago, formerly Quit Genius, is the world's leading digital clinic for substance use management. With the realization that people who suffer from substance use feel isolated and alone, we partnered to create an optimistic new brand that addresses the stigma around addiction and makes substance use support approachable and accessible. 

The new identity feels fresh, modern, and optimistic, as well as flexible enough to work seamlessly with Pelago's ecosystem of clients and strategic partners. The logo is built around a series of connected ovals that represent the islands in an archipelago, supported by a color palette that pairs the optimistic hero color “Pelago yell-o” with approachable earth tones that speak to a grounding in understanding and knowledge.

studio / agency

A Line Studio


Jay Cover


Brandi Steele, Design
James Trump, Design
Mackenzie Pringle, Design
Nick Monkhouse, Biz
Tess Lenk, PM

brandi steele
sr. art director & designer
brooklyn, ny

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