Oral Wellness

            Auraglow has been known as a leading standard for at home teeth whitening, focusing on the health and safety of your smile. Coinciding with the launch of their new whitening device the team tasked us with redefining “oral care” with Auraglow. Jumping into action, we repositioned their leading values into a story of wellness and self-confidence. Transforming the act of teeth whitening into a ritual, not just a task.

            With the visual concept ‘romancing the ritual’ we created a visual language that celebrates the intimate moments spent with yourself throughout the day. Pairing utilitarian elements, warm natural photography, and a linear color palette—signifying the passage of time—we’ve begun to reshape Auraglow’s new perspective on Oral Wellness.

Design: CD Paul Miller, DD Claudia Di Martino, Micaela Brookman, June Kim & Brandi Steele Strategy / Verbal Identity: Diva Dimartini, Andrew Mitchell
Photography: Found Imagery for Art Direction Guidance