Sustainable Skincare

            The Taiwanese brand Greenvines has been defining organic skincare for years, creating a revolutionary skin system with a no lotion methodology. After years of honing their craft, they came to us to reevaluate their strategic and design expression. Already loving elements of their current positioning, we distilled the message into ‘skin goes deeper.’ Playing with the multiple meanings we can tell stories of individuality, sustainable choices, and planetary action.

            Continuing that story of depth, our visual identity is an expression of nature’s code—understanding that even the simplest of sequences can imply beyond. We feel the earth is flat under our feet but we know there is more beneath us. We wade the ocean’s surface aware of the depths below. We see the horizon is a straight line, yet we comprehend that it’s farther than the limit of our sight.

            Our system uses the Fibonacci Sequence to visualize nature’s code. The juxtaposition of simplicity and depth is how we imply the beyond by unveiling deeper information with each layer.

The sequence in mathematics is:

... 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ...

            For composition, we can apply the sequence and create an ever-growing grid system. Below is an example of a portrait application, however this can be applied to any ratio. The sequence can also apply to typography within compositions. In the example below, the type doubles in point when a larger size is needed, creating a harmonious and balanced layout.

Design: CD Manny Dilone & Virgillio Santos, ADD Gabby Lord, Shu Hsiao, Fen Fen Chen, & Brandi Steele
Photography: Found Imagery for Art Direction Guidance