Visually Modern Presentations

            Boring, unattractive, lame presentations are so last year and that is where Projector saves the day. Acknowledging this gap in creativity, Projector designed a platform for anyone to create visually immersive presentations.

            The Character team had multiple work streams going in preparing for the launch of the Projector product. Below is a breakdown of some of the deliverables I got my hands on.

Design: CD Ben Pham, DD Andrew Johnson, Character SF & NYStrategy / Verbal Identity: Rita Fernandez, Hayley Decker, Marlena Ryan
Photography: Shutterstock & Giphy

The Website

            Projector wanted a bold approach to their inaugural website, something that excited not only creatives but even those with less artistic bones. Showcasing our new brand identity we built an agile website building excitement for the product launch and showcasing Projectors mission towards making beautiful presentations accessible for everyone.

The Product Templates

            A team of 22 designers, strategists and copywriters across both SF and NY studios were asked to collaborate in creating a diverse collection of templates for customer use in the Projector product. Utilizing each creator’s unique perspective and inspirations resulted in a vast collection of presentations across a variety of formats (Presentations, Print, Social Posts & Stories).

Social Platforms
Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

            As part of the launch of Projector we wanted to make a splash on social media by creating a flexible content calendar. We started with a bold grid takeover on Instagram, followed by variety of playful independent posts and supported with a system of templates for future use.